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At Converge, we believe...

everyone has a calling; following the crowd will not bring transformation, but a personalized missions project is the best way to discover your purpose.

Converge Interns, hosts, and donors have started businesses and planted churches; established an HIV/AIDS counseling clinic and working pharmacy in slums; installed water pumps and storage facilities; created therapy routines for disabled children in orphanages and curricula for schools; taught forgiveness educations to youth in the Middle East; and much more…

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For those between 18 and 28, profess to be a Christian, and you have at least one outreach experience.  

* YWAM DTS is NOT required *


Project Leaders 

Get prequalified interns for your business, nonprofit, or church project. Use the Create an Internship form to get started. 

Student Ministries

Use Converge to equip students for leadership on campus, in life, and on Jesus’ Mission.


Church Leaders and Donors

Help equip and send students to dedicate their careers to the service of Jesus Christ and the Great Commission.



After the DTS, Converge is an excellent next step. (It’s excellent for UofN field assignments too!)


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Make a Difference.

Connect with a project and people who share your passion for Jesus Christ. He called us to disciple every nations, every sphere of influence, which requires a convergence of sacred callings with secular careers.


Students Make a Difference.


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Where can you find an internship program creation tool that helps you find students who want to make a difference in the world that Jesus loves?



I’m John Henry, director of YWAM Converge. My wife, Mary, and an extraordinary team of volunteers helped me develop Converge, an internship creation, administration, and online training platform. Converge helps you create an internship program for your organization. We will help find qualified interns passionate to serve the mission of your NGO, church or business. .


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 Global Leadership


John Henry has over 25 years experience coordinating YWAM sponsored internships. Converge is a global listing of missional internships, an online learning course, and a social fundraising platform for your projects.

Need prequalified interns? Converge makes it easy.

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Social Justice and What We’ve Done to Grace

Here’s what we’ve done to social justice. We reduced poverty to a lack of material things. We reduced Christian charity to writing a check. Charity is reduced to handouts, which conveys a message: “We are empowered, and you are not.” Meanwhile, the poor feel shame and they seek dignity.

Reconciliation and Peace

Teach forgiveness to Syrian refugees. Make peace.

The #1 intern program of 2019

What makes their program so great? It’s because they run a global program. That’s it. And they’re good at it. They make interns from different countries “feel connected and part of one program”. That’s a good reason for SAP to win the best intern program of the year. 

Occupational Therapy Intern helps Orphans in China

Sarah had a disability and it took a lot of faith for her to choose to go; it took equal faith for her mom and dad to release her to go too. Part of the reason Sarah studied OT was because she had a therapist who helped her through her own disability. She learned a lot that summer, mostly that God would help her and she could do it.

Be an Advocate – Bevin Ginder

Bevin and his wife Judy live in Battambang, Cambodia where they are equipping missionaries to engage the unreached. He has developed a new online video course to equip and encourage an important new kind of team player in Christ’s Great Commission, Missions Advocates.

Hack for the kingdom

Do you have experience working with Ruby on Rails, especially with Refinery and Mobile? Do you have developer experience working with
Do you have Audio and Video and Social Media Marketing experience? Come work with highly skilled technical support and onboard videos so you get help to really learn something. Rest at the Jersey Shore, just two blocks from the beach and boardwalk. And fellowship with believers using technology to serve Christ.
at the Hack for the Kingdom Weekend.


Reconciliation and Slave Trade – Stefan Hall

Stefan and Andrea Hall’s YWAM internship team was comprised mostly of Asian students from Ivy League universities. The team of premed and nursing students were shocked to see the remnants of the slave trade still visible today at the castles, some of which had been built nearly 500 years ago.



Every Christian a Trainer – Allan Carrington

I met Allan Carrington at a YWAM conference on the Amazon in 1993. He has ministered at the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney. His story takes us on an adventure from Australia to Kona, Hawaii, to Texas, Paraguay, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Ukraine, and Slovenia. His story of following Jesus into the sphere of education and media will inspire you and challenge you to consider new ways to learn and perhaps challenge you to pursue God’s dream to make disciples of all nations.

Legacy of a Mentor – Tribute to Ed Sinke

In this episode, we are giving a tribute to the legacy of Ed Sinke, my dear friend and member of the YWAM Converge board. Ed passed away in his sleep on June 23, 2019. The Converge program requires students to choose their own mentor from their own community BEFORE they begin the online predeparture Converge Course. Ed helped shape this unique commitment to Mentorships in the Converge program.

Shipwrecked Medical Mission on the Amazon – Matt Acker

In September 1993, I was in Manaus, Brazil at an international missions conference. One night the lights went out. As we waited for power to return, the Brazilians pulled out their flashlights and guitars. Singing and dancing ensued and I was caught up in it. Exhausted I sat down next to a tall skinny man in tattered overalls and a long beard. I learned that man was not homeless; he was Dr. Henry Kirby, a YWAM medical missionary from South Africa. He worked in a medical boat on the Amazon. That same boat sunk with one of our student internship teams the following summer. 

What kind of leaders did the SVM produce?

We examine the life and work of Robert Speer, Kenneth Scott Latourette, Robert Moffet, Samuel Zwemer, Frank Buckman, and James Yen. All of these leaders changed history. All volunteered their lives to Christ’s mission during their college years.

How Students Changed the World in the 19th Century

Is College worth it? Learn how students changed the world in the 19th Century. This episode is part of a series of messages about the History of the University and the Student Volunteer Movement.

The Vision of the Father of Modern Education – John Henry

Comenius is known as the Father of Modern Education. However, he was much more than that. He was a theologian of hope, hope for a new generation. He believed a new order of society could be established, but with special devotion to Jesus Christ.

History of University – John Henry

This episode is different. This is the beginning of a series of messages about the history of the university, student missions movements, and the powerful influence of the university as it shapes the culture, the leadership, and the destiny of nations. 

Getting Back to the Word of God – Aldrin Bogi

Listen to Aldrin’s personal stories of reaching people through the Scriptures, including Muslim women in college, children in slums, and leaders everywhere. You will be so impressed with my friend Aldrin Bogi and the work God has called him to do.

Student Conference in Cartagena – John Henry

As the founder of the Student Mobilization Centre and the creator of the School of University Ministries & Missions, which has equipped leaders currently leading student ministries in over 30 countries, John Henry has been teaching YWAMers and university students that we must engage the world in response to God’s call. When we ‘show up’ as representatives of the ways of God in every sphere of influence represented in the university, we will begin to complete the task of making disciples of every nation. 

Loving the Dance and the Arts – Amy Bischof

Amy Bischof is a YWAMer. She was born in YWAM because her parents are YWAMers. They worked with YWAM Family Ministries in Germany. Amy is here in South Jersey after completing her Discipleship Training School in Australia. While at Byron Bay, Australia, Amy met Marybeth Clark, owner of Dance Dynamics Studios in Seaview, NJ.

Youth With A Mission is an international missions movement encompassing thousands of long and short-term volunteers working in almost every nation in the world. YWAM ministries emphasize the areas of Evangelism, Training, and Mercy Ministries. 

YWAM Converge is part of the YWAM family of ministries. 

Watch this video to learn more about YWAM:

YWAM Converge is a network of ministries in YWAM International. The Converge network is led by a YWAM team focusing on one or more spheres, such as the arts, business, education, media, and more. Learn more about YWAM Converge here.
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