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Jihye and I met at the Youth With A Mission center in Madison, WI. Actually, she saw me at a Korean Student Missions Conference in Seoul, Korea in 1998. She had been faithfully working with YWAM’s Korean Campus Ministries in Seoul, Korea for many years. Here is a sample of what the ministry in Seoul was like. These are a couple youtube clips of the YWAM Campus Worship times where thousands of students would gather every Friday night.

Heart of Worship

Friend of God

This is the story of how Jihye pioneered a new International Student Ministry for YWAM at the University of Texas in Dallas. After six years of work with students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Jihye went to Christ for the Nations to study worship theology. Then God interrupted her plans to return to Madison.

Jihye shares how over 25% of the students at UT Dallas are foreigners from over 100 countries. In 2012, she began her work there. She did not know anyone there, so she started from nothing by faith. She sat in the library and prayed and talked with God about how to pioneer the campus ministry there. Prayer became the key to open the door to the campus and the students.

Soon, God gave her many connections with mainland Chinese students. UT Dallas has over 2000 Chinese students. Jihye reached out to any student that did not have the gospel, especially internationals. The Chinese were fascinated with Jihye because of the popular culture in S. Korea. Then she began meeting Indian and the Middle Eastern students too. She is reaching the world from one campus.

Hospitality is about being a friend to the stranger, providing a home away from home. Jihye’s ministry is bearing fruit that will last by reaching out in friendship to international students she can identify with.

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