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Joseph and his family joined our YWAM team in Richmond, VA in 1995. He tells his story of growing up in Cameroon hunting, fishing, and going to Catholic mass as a boy. He began to ask questions and became disappointed when answers were not forthcoming. Then he had a profound conversion of personal faith in Christ after a short period of rejection of the church.

Joseph became an evangelist and then a Youth With A Mission staff person leading Discipleship Training Schools in Togo. While there he had another radical transformation. When asked to pray for France, the nation that colonized his country and many North and West African nations, he sensed God did not want him to pray for them. He was bitter and angry at France, a nation that does not appear to have any fear of God today. Then God led him and other YWAMers from African to repent of their bitterness and anger toward the former colonizer nations in Europe.

When Joseph attended a YWAM Africa conference in 1993, he met David Swarr who invited him to pray about joining us in Richmond to lead a work mobilizing African American believers into missions. Joseph and his family came to the United States to work with African Americans who also have bitterness and anger in their story. Joseph was led by God to help African Americans discover their roots and freedom from bitterness through a ministry of reconciliation.

Joseph started a School of Reconciliation and Peace-Making with YWAM’s University of the Nations.

Listen to Joseph’s story and catch his amazing passion for reconciliation.

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