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Ed Sinke, YWAMer from Tyler, TX shares his story about becoming a pastoral leader in world missions. Ed is a personal friend and a leader who has mentored me for many years. Ed and I talk about the role of the Mentor in the Converge program.

Pastoral ministry is too often understood as a position in a local church. But the word “pastor” is not merely a noun; it’s a verb. If you have a call to care for others as they grow in the Lord, begin to do the work of pastoral ministry in your context. Join a missional community encouraging, listening, championing others.

To be a good mentor or guide for others, you should not make people follow your vision or your mold of ministry. A mentor encourages, counsels, listens, and champions others in their life and work.

“A Mentor helps tear away the romantic ideas so we can get to the core and then find out who we are. And say, “Come on, in light of who you are, this is what you need to do to get where you want to go…”

Mentors are not only for spiritual growth. You can have a mentor to guide you on a project, to learn how to use a computer program, or plant an urban garden. You could have a Mentor for 4 weeks or 4 months. Mentors speak life into you.

Every Converge intern is required to choose a personal mentor from their own network before getting enrolled into Converge’s online course. Every good story has a mentor, a guide, who will help the hero get to their destination. Without the guide, the hero remains stuck, unsure of the next steps to take.

We do not have an army of Mentors with the Converge program. If you want to mentor someone, encourage a young person to sign up for a Converge internship and let them know you would be willing to be their mentor.

We provide simple training for Converge Mentors through a series of emails during the Converge Intern’s experience. Be sure to check out the Converge site to learn more.

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