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Ryan is a former YWAM missionary. He attended YWAM’s training course School of University Ministries & Missions course in 2010. Ryan and his new wife, Crystal, traveled for 11 months to 10 countries to do video interviews for a student missions documentary. Ryan filmed all 50 of the videos for the Converge course.

Ryan shares how his experience producing videos helped him learn how to listen to stories. Ryan launched a Salesforce Consultancy called Upswing Strategies. He has a passion to help people grow their organizations by using data to prove what works and what does not. Ryan helps organization leaders develop their communication strategies through data analysis and effective feedback systems.

Ryan and I talked about how communications may be creative and effective on a personal and a corporate level. God is involved in our communications because good, effective, and clear communication cuts out confusion and helps us have more meaningful relationships.

Ryan shares how it was during his training with YWAM that God showed him his primary motivational gifts and strengths. Ryan’s gifts are encouraging, teaching, and hospitality and his strengths are connectedness, strategic, adaptability, developer, and positivity. Ryan’s Converge Moment, when everything came together, was in this discovery and the testing of those gifts and strengths. Ryan’s story shows the value of the discovery of God’s calling and journey of realizing your purpose. Ryan is thriving as an emerging leader helping organizations grow and fulfill their mission.

Ryan and Crystal have four children and they live in Salem, OR. He has started a consulting agency called Upswing Strategies, helping organizations create a clear plan for growth and reach more people who will invest in their mission.

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