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Jeremy Story was studying law at the University of Texas when he experienced deep brokenness after the death of a life-long friend. He had a deep revelation that all his gifts, talents and abilities came from God, and therefore belong to God. After an experience overnight on a mountain in a blizzard, Jeremy sensed God’s call to gather together believers on the University of Texas campus in Houston.

Jeremy is the director of Campus Renewal Ministries, which helps catalyze united movements for Christ. The CRM model of ministry is ultimately to see every campus saturated with the Gospel of Jesus. This means every people group is witnessed to, from the track team to the dorms, from the Greek communities to the student government. By uniting campus ministries in united prayer and collaborative mission, Campus Renewal strategically identifies where the Body of Christ is or isn’t present, changing the culture of operating in isolation.

He saw a vision from God of a gathering of all the student ministry leaders worshipping Jesus. Students began to come to Christ. Early on over 1000 joined. That kind of public worship of Jesus on campuses happened organically. He did not have a theological framework for it. It was all a surprise as he followed God’s leading.

Jeremy spoke of God’s guidance for every believer, but “We don’t always listen actively. We need to be moving forward in faith steps so that we can begin to discern the will of the Lord.” It doesn’t practically work to sit and wait and choose not to do anything until God shows you everything. Move out in faith. We need to constantly obey all the small things God is leading us to do.

CRM has worked on hundreds of campuses across the USA. Jeremy explains the vision of CRM that God gave him. It relates to the commanded blessing that God promises when the people of God dwell together in unity. It’s centered on Jesus’ prayer in John 17. “I pray that they may be one and I and the Father are one.” That call to unity is greater than we can imagine.

Jeremy’s life scripture is Eph. 4:3: “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

In February this year, a nation-wide Collegiate Day of Prayer brought together student organizations and churches across the country to adopt and pray for every campus in the USA. This gathering began about eight years ago with a gathering of young leaders of national movements on campus. Jeremy said he gathered with those friends to ask the Lord what He wanted them to do together in unity. For the first time in history, all 4600+ campuses were adopted and prayed for by collegiate organizations and churches.

That group of friends began meeting back in 2006 when I directed a conference commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Haystack Prayer Meeting, which effectively birthed the North American missionary enterprise. Jeremy said “We were overdue for God to move forward again.. to think about what God had done in the past and to propel us into the future.”  He said, “Some of those people were the same ones that God used to bring about the Collegiate Day of Prayer.”

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