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Amy Bischof is a YWAMer. She was born in YWAM because her parents are YWAMers. They worked with YWAM Family Ministries in Germany. Amy is here in South Jersey after completing her Discipleship Training School in Australia. While at Byron Bay, Australia, Amy met Marybeth Clark, owner of Dance Dynamics Studios in Seaview, NJ. When Amy was in a Dance-Off during an outreach in Australia, Marybeth saw her passion in the dance. Marybeth walked up to Amy and said, “I need you in my life.”

Amy was invited to join Marybeth’s Dance Dynamics studios when she came as a YWAM Converge intern. Amy’s internship was to develop Converge Arts Internships here in South Jersey. The studios have opportunities for young people to come do internships and mentorships in dance, film, music, voice, theatre, and gymnastics. There’s even a cafe opening up in the studio for those interested in learning about business startups.


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