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The #1 intern program of 2019 is run by the German software company, SAP. Nope. It wasn’t Google or Facebook. SAP had 1,000+ interns from six countries and 18 cities around the world.

What makes their program so great? It’s because they run a global program. That’s it. And they’re good at it. They make interns from different countries “feel connected and part of one program”. That’s a good reason for SAP to win the best intern program of the year. 

So, what if there were a truly global intern program for students from around the world, students who could go anywhere from anywhere doing internships with organizations that are doing good in the world? What if that global internship program was sponsored by an international Christian mission organization? What if the global intern program was also part of a truly global university? 

Well, that internship program is here. It’s called Converge. Youth With A Mission is a truly international mission with partners touching every sphere of society in nearly every nation in the world. And the University of the Nations is operating in over 550 locations and in nearly 100 languages. And YWAM is engaged in campus ministries at hundreds of universities in over 35 countries.

Perhaps Converge will turn up as the best intern program very soon. 

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