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Project Esther

Restoring the identity, beauty, and dignity of women in distress. 


What’s is Project Esther?

Project Esther, led by Viky Bogi, is ministry restoring the identity, beauty & dignity of Women in distress by giving them holistic opportunities to learn, work and develop resources for their families. Project Esther is a special host organization for Converge Internships.

Why Project Esther?

There are many Women in India who are not only battling poverty, but they also have to deal with other issues which put them in deep distress. Some of their common problems are as follows:

Lack of education: Often in the villages of India, girls are expected to fulfill domestic duties and education is seen as secondary importance for them. The parents of girls do not want to waste money and time on them as they think that women should be wedded off as soon as possible. Sometimes schools are too expensive or far away. The lack of education is one of the major causes of many other problems such as poor health.

Mistreatment: In India, violence against women is common. They experience physical and mental violence. Every hour a woman is raped in India. Every 93 minutes a woman is burnt to death due to dowry problems (family of the husband pressuring family of the wife for more dowry money). There are laws in India to protect women but the conviction rate of offenders is very low.

Overworked: Indian women work more than the men of India. However, their work is hardly recognized as they mainly do unskilled work.

Practical ways Project Esther seeks to help Women in Distress:

1. Unemployment: Training & Development in Skills and forming self – help groups.
2. Poverty: Promotion of income generation programmes
3. Dowry Culture & Battering: Awareness programmes through workshops, counseling and street theatre.
4. Unhealthy Worldview: Project Esther, therefore, seeks to teach and model a holistic and biblical worldview.

Practical steps Project Esther employs to help Women:

Selection of Women in Distress: The Process of selection is based on recommendations from Local Pastors and other community leaders. They fill out application forms for our verification. Getting a reference form their local leaders or Pastors will enable us to screen the candidates. This in-house program is only for single women from age 18 upwards – some exceptions can be made at the discretion of our leadership team. We provide Vocational training, Character formation, Conversational English, & Basic Computer Skills. The goal of this program is to help Women get a job or start an income generating business.

Training & Development: Training is conducted in both a formal and non-formal style. This is an in-house modular form of training. Our research tells us that it’s the best way to impact them holistically. They go through 360 hours of skill development training in 90 days and another 120 hours of teaching from the Bible on Character and Spiritual Formation. By the end of 90 days, they will be able to get a job or start a business in the field of Tailoring, Participants gain a basic understanding of computers and basic Conversational English skills.

Empowering: We assist participants with creative empowerment, championing them individually, according to their aptitude, their background, and their skill set.

Providing Opportunities for Income Generation: At the end of each respective training module, we connect participants with opportunities, especially helping needy candidates, with appropriate income-generating tools.

Support groups: Project Esther encourages all trained women to participant in ongoing support groups. These groups continue to serve participants through counseling, facilitating technical assistance, and coaching them to be women of honor. These groups are also a place for conducting awareness programs on issues they continue to face in India.

How can I get involved?

For information on volunteering as an intern, selling Juvi products, or supporting this project contact us.

Contribute to Project Esther. 

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