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Don't go through life without learning how to make a difference


You hunger for relationships. You desire meaningful experiences. And you seek justice for the poor. Right? But passion is not all it takes to make a difference.

Where can you turn for a practical and spiritual experience that goes deeper? Where can you learn to focus your passion to make a difference in the world that Jesus loves?


Welcome to Converge, where we believe everyone has a purpose, fear & apathy are the enemy, and you can make a difference working alongside missional leaders in your field.

Converge is not like any other short-term missions program. Converge is missional internships sponsored by YWAM’s global network of ministries.

With Converge, YOU define and complete a distinct project for a missional organization.


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Global Internships Leadership


With over 25 years experience directing YWAM sponsored internships, we have developed Converge with a global listing of missional internship opportunities, an online learning course, and a social fundraising platform for your project.

If you are a student ministry leader or your missional organization needs interns, watch this short video to learn how to Create an Internship program.

History of University – John Henry

This episode is different. This is the beginning of a series of messages about the history of the university, student missions movements, and the powerful influence of the university as it shapes the culture, the leadership, and the destiny of nations. 

Getting Back to the Word of God – Aldrin Bogi

Listen to Aldrin’s personal stories of reaching people through the Scriptures, including Muslim women in college, children in slums, and leaders everywhere. You will be so impressed with my friend Aldrin Bogi and the work God has called him to do.

Student Conference in Cartagena – John Henry

As the founder of the Student Mobilization Centre and the creator of the School of University Ministries & Missions, which has equipped leaders currently leading student ministries in over 30 countries, John Henry has been teaching YWAMers and university students that we must engage the world in response to God’s call. When we ‘show up’ as representatives of the ways of God in every sphere of influence represented in the university, we will begin to complete the task of making disciples of every nation. 

Loving the Dance and the Arts – Amy Bischof

Amy Bischof is a YWAMer. She was born in YWAM because her parents are YWAMers. They worked with YWAM Family Ministries in Germany. Amy is here in South Jersey after completing her Discipleship Training School in Australia. While at Byron Bay, Australia, Amy met Marybeth Clark, owner of Dance Dynamics Studios in Seaview, NJ.

Being a Light on Campus – Deonn McDowell

Deonn McDowell has a refreshing passion for Jesus. She had a vision many years ago while on a college campus. She saw Christians on campus as little lights that were covered and their lights were not shining. It was about 1994 when I met Deonn when she was leading a mobile campus ministries group called PHOS team on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in Richmond, VA.

African missions mobilizer of students and professionals – Paul Ndolo

Paul hosted our interns from various American universities in 2001, which included a large one week Calling Quest seminar with over 100 students from the University of Nairobi. He joined my team with YWAM’s Student Mobilization Centre and he helped lead two Schools of University Ministries & Missions in India in 2001 and 2003. He explains how that training impacted him. He gained revelation of God’s call to every area of life, every sphere of influence.

How God led people to pray for every campus in the USA – Jeremy Story

In February this year, a nation-wide Collegiate Day of Prayer brought together student organizations and churches across the country to adopt and pray for every campus in the USA. This gathering began about eight years ago with a gathering of young leaders of national movements on campus. Jeremy said he gathered with those friends to ask the Lord what He wanted them to do together in unity. For the first time in history, all 4600+ campuses were adopted and prayed for by collegiate organizations and churches.

Adding Value to Lives by Listening to Stories – Ryan Dutra

Ryan shares how his experience producing videos helped him learn how to listen to the stories people have to tell. Ryan launched Upswing Strategies with a passion to help people grow their organizations by using data to prove what works and what does not. He is one of few Salesforce Consultants in the Salem area. Ryan helps organization leaders develop their communications strategies through data analysis and effective feedback systems.

Declaring God’s purposes from Columbia U. to Amazon and beyond

Carol Eskaros joined our YWAM Community Health Development project on the Amazon in 1996. She was awarded the Centennial Scholarship at Columbia University. When she asked for permission to do an internship with YWAM so she could share the love of Christ with a tribal group on the Amazon, her advisor said “Yes!”

Be a Converge Mentor – Do Pastoral Ministry – Ed Sinke

Ed Sinke, YWAMer from Tyler, TX shares his story about becoming a pastoral leader in world missions. Ed is a personal friend and a leader who has mentored me for many years. Ed and I talk about the role of the Mentor in the Converge program. 

African Missionary of Reconciliation – Joseph Zintseme

Joseph and his family came to the United States to work with African Americans who also have bitterness and anger in their story. Joseph was led by God to help African Americans discover their roots and freedom from bitterness through a ministry of reconciliation.

Korean campus minister in Dallas – Sarah Jihye Choi

This is the story of how Jihye pioneered a new International Student Ministry for YWAM at the University of Texas in Dallas. After six years of work with students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Jihye went to Christ for the Nations to study worship theology. Then God interrupted her plans to return to Madison.

Engaging Community – Marjorie Johnson

Marjorie and her husband David train community development workers in South Asia. Marjorie’s perspective will help you to love your neighbor. She will challenge you to engage your community by listening, learning and serving others.

Creating Converge Community in Latin America – Glenis Acosta

English is Glenis’ second language. She became our first Converge intern to Albania where nobody spoke Spanish and only a few spoke English. But that’s when she began to sense God calling her to be a translator. Her story about the children in the orphanage in Albania will touch your heart.

Friend of the Foreigner – Ned Hale, IVCF Archivist

Ned is the former director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s International Student Ministries. This conversation with Ned Hale was primarily to discuss the importance of friendship with the foreign student for the cause of Christ. However, our discussion honored many others who he had the privilege of knowing over five decades of university missions.

University Missions in Colombia with Aldo Mauricio Chaparro Sanchez

Mauricio and Diana are YWAM missionaries to the universities in South America. Mao directs YWAM’s Student Mobilization Centre offices in Cartagena, Colombia.

Declaration Films: Telling Missionary Stories with Andy Henry

Andy Henry is a young pastor and filmmaker. He recently started Declaration Films. This March 2019, Andy and his wife Robin will go to South Africa to create films to tell missionary stories. Learn more about Declaration Films and Andy and Robin’s trip to

English Teacher Internship in Madagascar

Help the Malagasy university students to speak English and share your faith in Jesus Christ. You will teach twice or three times a week, 2 hours per teaching, in our English Club. You will also do English teaching and conversations in the YWAM base.

YWAM Peacemaker in the Middle East – Ramy Taleb

Ramy Taleb tells his Converge Story of becoming a peacemaker in Lebanon. God took Ramy out of Lebanon to Northern Ireland and then South Africa in order to learn how to be a reconciler for peace in his own homeland. Two interns spent seven months in Lebanon in 2018.

    Converge interns have started businesses and planted churches; established HIV/AIDS counseling clinics; installed water pumps and storage facilities; created therapy routines for disabled children in orphanages; set up working pharmacies with donated drugs; created curricula for schools; taught forgiveness educations to youth in the Middle East; and much more…

    Converge is for YOU!

    Converge is for students, missional leaders, and more…

    1. Students – If you’re between 18 and 28, and have at least one outreach experience, Converge is made for you. (No, YWAM’s Discipleship Training School is NOT required.)  

    2. YWAMers – If you have completed the DTS, Converge may be the next step on your journey in Christ’s mission.

    3. Missional Leaders – If you seek prequalified students to serve in your missional organizations, you can quickly and easily create an internship program with Converge. 

    4. Student Ministry Leaders – If you want opportunities to expand your witness for Jesus, Converge will give your students experience making a real-world difference. 

    5. Mentors – If you are willing to give your time to encourage students through their next steps as followers of Jesus Christ, Converge may be the program you have been looking for.

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    Youth With A Mission is an international missions movement encompassing thousands of long and short-term volunteers working in almost every nation in the world. YWAM ministries emphasize the areas of Evangelism, Training, and Mercy Ministries. 

    YWAM Converge is part of the YWAM family of ministries. 

    Watch this video to learn more about YWAM:

    YWAM Converge is a network of ministries engaging influential spheres of society. Part of YWAM International, the Converge network is led by a team of managing partners who are focusing on one or more sphere, such as the arts, business, education, media, and more. Learn more about YWAM Converge here.

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