About Us

YWAM Ocean City is a non-profit interdenominational Christian group that focuses on community development, youth mentoring, international training, and global outreach. We are part of a global movement called Youth With A Mission (YWAM).


YWAM Ocean City is a local expression of an international missions movement called Youth With A Mission. YWAM involves Evangelism (because every person has a right to hear the message of Jesus), Training (to prepare people to fulfill their unique calling from God), and Mercy Ministries (helping the poor and those who suffer injustice).

YWAM International is a truly global movement.  There are 1700 YWAM centers globally, including 750 training centers 45 of these centers train 65% of DTS students.  We’ve sent outreaches to 197 nations, and we do training in 93 different languages!

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect, equip, and send a new generation of missionaries who serve God in every area of influence.

We’re the creators of Converge, a program like Uber for missions. Converge helps connect and equip students to ideal internship opportunities all over the world. 

In addition to the Converge global platform, YWAM Ocean City has an emphasis on discipleship and outreach programs and offers Discipleship Training Schools, monthly outreaches in Atlantic City, camps, workshops, and mini-courses.

Our strategy for reaching the South Jersey community is five-fold:

  • Seeking to understand God’s heart and vision for our communities through prayer and relationship building
  • Making discipleship through schools, classes, camps, workshops, and local and international outreaches
  • Learning from and partnering with existing ministries reaching out with mercy and hope in the areas of addiction, poverty, homelessness, and special needs
  • Hosting church groups, interns, individuals, and international teams and providing them with opportunities to serve the South Jersey community and connect with local ministries and believers
  • Establishing a presence in the community with the goal of securing a permanent ministry training and outreach center in Atlantic City.

Invitation to join our YWAM Staff Team

We seek a few new YWAM staff members, including those passionate about discipleship, worship, prayer, and evangelism. (Those with technical skills in software development are highly desired.)  Like all YWAM staff, we are “faith missionaries,” which means we do not receive a salary. If you would like to join our team, you will be required to complete YWAM’s Discipleship Training School. Please be advised you will be required to make a 2-year commitment and raise your personal support budget. If that is you, come trust God with us and watch what He does! Staff inquiries are welcome.