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A Heart for the Arts

Amy Tamara Bischof

Converge Arts Coordinator

“A heart for the Arts” project is to build up a Mentorship/ Internship Program in the fields of Arts like dance, music, media, theatre and more.

A creative “learning by doing” experience

This Internship/ Mentorship Program is to raise up young adults who know who there are and what there are called to do and to be an example for the younger generation in that. This will give them a learning-by-doing experience and give them a new perspective for there life. It is also a good platform to do what they love to do.

What a great opportunity

This is relevant to give young adults the opportunity to have a look at a workplace in the fields of Arts and to give them different responsibilities. They also have a mentor who walks side by side with them and to check in with them. This time during the internship is a time to figure out what your purpose is in life and to start walking in your calling.

My Heart and Story

My heart behind this project is that I love the arts and specific have a passion for the performing arts. I grew up in a missionary family and traveling a lot. When I was around 7 years old I started to teach my self to dance. As I got older I went into a couple of hip hop classes I thought a few workshops but I never really had someone mentoring me or teaching me in dance accept my mom. 🙂 So when I was around 19 I knew that I really wanted to do something with dance but I felt like even though I am a good dancer that I didn’t have enough experience to study dance or to do schooling in dance. I started to get really frustrated and about to give up this dream.

During my Discipleship Training School in Australia, I met this amazing woman from New Jersey, her name is MaryBeth. She is the owner of Dance Dynamics New Jersey. I really wanted to get to know her and hear from her what she is doing or even to get some advice from her. After 5 days I still haven’t talked to her and I thought I will never get the chance to talk to her. That day we had a dance battle ( I love dance battles) and I danced. I kinda let out everything that was within me and after that, she came up to me. She said I need you in my life and we talked for a very long time.

At the end of this talk, she asked me what I want to do with my life and I told her I just want to dance. So invited me to New Jersey to be under her wing and learn from her. Almost a year later I found myself falling in love in New Jersey, the dance studio and more.

After nearly a year of interning with MaryBeth and YWAM Converge, I am sitting here and writing out this project but the question is still WHY?


I want to give any kind of artist the opportunity to have a similar experience as me. To have a mentor who guides in their way but also has new responsibilities. There are so many more people who have a heart for the arts but don’t know how to start walking in it.

If this is you, I wanna invite you to come to NJ to spend a few months here as an intern to grow more and more in your gifting and to start stepping in your calling. This program is here to champion and to challenge you.

This is ”A Heart for the Arts”

Contact us if you have questions about A heart for the Arts in South Jersey. Reach Out here. Check for Arts internships. We will get back to you soon.

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