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Hi. I’m John Henry. I meet regularly with colleagues and partners with various churches, YWAM communities, and missional organizations. Most of these meetings are web conferences; others are weekend or single day gatherings in various cities around the world. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you, and your group, to discuss and process the implications of the fourth wave of modern missions, which I believe will include a flourishing of kingdom communities, a new approach to missions mobilization, and a fresh movement of church planting with missional focus. Interested?

Our goal is to foster kingdom communities with people in university settings. Kingdom communities are not typical churches. They are composed of people who celebrate the new thing God is doing in the fourth wave. God’s church does not have a mission; God’s mission has a church. The mission of God is to every sphere of influence. Kingdom communities are composed of collaborators and advocates in Christ’s global missions. Those of us in kingdom communities are in close relationship with one another, and we are leveraging the resources God has placed in universities, in businesses, in NGO’s, and in the typical church community.

We have convened several consultations around the world, including N. American Consultations (Madison, WI in ’97, and ’99, and twice in 2011 in Northfield, MA and San Francisco, CA). We’ve met for an Africa Consultation in 2001, a S.E. Asia Consultation in 2003, a European Consultation in 2004, a South American Consultation in 2005 and 2019, and a China Consultations in 2005. Contact me if you would like to host a Consultation in your area. We can begin with an online Meetup with a few people to pray and consider details.

Why Gather?

These gatherings have forged long-standing friendships, partnerships, and collaborative projects. The Student Mobilization Centre of the University of the Nations and YWAM Campus Ministries International have developed rapidly as a result of these important gatherings.

Participants meet new friends and create “Partners” out of “Friends” to coordinate new missional projects, especially for students.

Collaboration begins when we notice the task is much bigger than our own organization can accomplish alone. And collaboration happens when we are willing to alter our own plans and resource allocation to make something even bigger happen.

Missional projects, especially student internship projects, can help encourage momentum among emerging leaders. Converge interns learn how to make a difference by completing a project during their internship. Our hope is to encourage and help foster some new developments, cultivating change in our approaches to world missions.

Our consultations are fostering a wider network. These gatherings have already been historic!


Key participants can make short presentations from their context. The process times are collaborative, participatory, relational, non-hierarchical, encouraging, and prayerful. Everyone has opportunity to participate and contribute. Themes may vary according to presenters. However, as an example, each presentation could be themed accordingly:

  • Robert Wilder Talk: God on Campus
  • Sam Mills Talk: Prayer & Understanding the Times
  • Henry Opukahaia Talk: The Truth
  • John Mott Talk: Student Leadership & Mobilization
  • Robert Speer Talk: Unity & Diversity
  • James Yen Talk: Development Projects
  • Frank Buchman Talk: Social & Political Injustice

We typically have a time of worship and introductions at the first gathering. And the final dinner is a time of thanksgiving and wrap up statements. nWe do not seek “closure” or a necessary “buy in.” Instead, our closing sessions are where each participant writes the various take away action items that God is speaking to them. We close with a prayer time and dedication to complete the “easy wins”.

“As I pray about these consultations, I see them like knitting together a new fabric for a new season, like repairing and preparing a dragnet to catch a new generation, especially in partnerships around issues of global human need. I think these consultations can help catalyze these new missional communities toward missional collaboration.” – John Henry, SMC Founder

Contact us about having an online meetup or a consultation in your area. And please pray for these gatherings and ask God for specific results, new partnerships and focused mobilization of university students from the campuses around the world. Thank you!


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