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Converge Bonfire Weekend for Groups

To sustain a fire, you need seasoned wood. If the wood is too fresh and green it will be a spectacle, spitting, popping, cracking, and smoking, but it will slowly put the fire out. Why does that happen? The answer will surprise you. This weekend intensive will change the way you relate to God and the world He loves. 

A Converge Bonfire Weekend does not need to be an outdoor experience. It does not need to be roughing it in the woods. However, it is an intensive weekend full of activities designed to build a sustainable fire of faith. You and your group will increase your passion, and you will begin the journey of discovering your calling. The Converge Bonfire Weekend will help you sustain a growing devotion to Jesus Christ and his mission in a very personal way, and in your group.

For groups of at least 12 people ready to invite God to make a difference in their community, this rapid growth series of spiritual formation teachings and activities will ignite a sustained passion for Jesus and His mission in the world. 

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What happens in a Converge Bonfire Weekend?

The Converge Bonfire Weekend focuses on intimacy with God, radical heart transformation, biblical worldview, and world missions.  Leaders of a church or student group can schedule YWAM Converge to conduct an intensive weekend retreat to complete the eight personal and community commitments of the Converge Bonfire Weekend.  The Converge Bonfire Weekend emphasizes a contagious, transparent, and intimate friendship with God, right relationships with everyone, and a deepened revelation of the love of God. The aim of the Converge Weekend Bonfire is a series of sustained commitments to “make every effort to confirm your calling.” (2 Peter 1:10)

Bonfire Commitments from 2 Peter 1:4-8:

  1. Faith/Life in Christ – We seek to learn to listen closely to God and obey fully all he says to do. We choose to respond, which means we quickly turn to God and faithfully search for ways to act in faith.
  2. Virtue/Character of God –  Because ministry flows out of the character of God, we seek a vulnerable, humble, and intimate friendship with God.
  3. Knowledge/Worldview – We choose to be transformed by the renewing of our minds because we want to please God and understand his ways.
  4. Self-Control/Integrity – We want our words to match our actions. We want our lives to be credible witnesses of Christ’s work in us. We choose to act according to what is right. We commit to work together on shared goals.
  5. Perseverance/Patience – We choose a life that reflects a long obedience in the same direction. We will endure difficulties because we embrace the fire that refines us.
  6. Godliness/Devotion to God – We stand before the audience of One and we will not turn back. We are learning how to be flexible, able to adapt even through intense times of change, and in different cultural settings.
  7. Brotherly-Kindness/Love of Neighbor. We share God’s grace with the righteous and the unrighteous alike. We choose right relationships over personal or religious differences. We are being equipped as ambassadors of reconciliation into a broken world with Human Trafficking and Poverty. 
  8. Love/Aroma of Christ – We seek a deeper revelation of the Cross of Christ for an enduring testimony of God’s love for the glory of God.

Great for Outreach Groups too.

The Converge Bonfire Weekend is an ideal team bonding and training intensive for a local or an international outreach.  

Scheduling a Bonfire Weekend

Requests to present the Bonfire for your group are accepted on a limited basis. Please allow a minimum of six weeks advanced notice.  Contact our office to request a weekend.


[It] wasn’t anything like what I thought. It wasn’t just a class. When I was reading the book “When Helping Hurts,” and thinking about being in missions, I realized I don’t stand a chance in ministry without God.

Elijah Trulli - Discipleship Course 2018

Participating in the… meetings, receiving God’s word from inspiring and encouraging leaders, and sharing fellowship and prayer time with fellow believers who are earnestly seeking to reach out in love to others in our own community and beyond, have all blessed me immeasurably. The book “When Helping Hurts” has positively altered my thinking about the scope of short-term missions.

Debbie Wilkins - Discipleship Course 2018

The teaching about Calling became a flag to advance in the midst of the difficulties I have encountered in walking in the ministry and mission. When the circumstances of my life or of my nation [Venezuela} darken I can remember that in Christ I have everything I need for life and faith. These words have become a battle cry for me.

Coral Bello - University Discipleship School in Venezuela 2018

I participated in a YWAM outreach with John Henry in the summer of 1991 in Guatemala. The teaching and experience I received was led by the Spirit and was a key part of my transition to adulthood and forming my own relationship with Christ. Highly recommended.

Lisa Fulkerson Kreinbrook - Internship in Guatemala 1991

We have been blessed by your family and teaching John. You are an inspiration to us as Jesus followers.

John Stenson - YWAM Discipleship Training Staff Member

From the moment I met John and Mary in Madison, WI I was impressed by their heart for hospitality. I was an international student and they invited me to meals and to watch the Super Bowl. John truly lives what he teaches and I’m blessed to know him.

Manuel Ramminger - YWAM Urban Ministries Staff member

The internship in 2001 taught me what it meant to have a calling, both a vocational and spiritual calling. It allowed me to use my skills and talents to minister and reach out to the people of Kenya. More importantly, the outreach to university students in Kenya provided an environment linked to my field of study and provided opportunity to reflect and open my eyes to what God’s calling is for me.

Julian Wong - Intern to Kenya 2001

It was a life-changing experience! I gained a lot of knowledge and experience … about infectious disease, tropical illnesses and even more about HIV/AIDS plaguing the population. The thing I remember most is what God did in my heart. I saw God’s heart for justice, for reformation, for restoration and God’s calling on my own life. I knew God had called me to bring healing to others through systemic changes in healthcare. I have been a nurse for the past 10 years and recently got my Masters in Public Health, much because of what God had stirred in my heart in 2001.

Amy Sawyer - Nursing Intern in Kenya 2001

I remember meeting you and your family in May 2003 and it has been a pleasure to have you as one of my best friends/colleagues since then. Wow, 18 years now… I remember your teaching on Calling in the Calling Quest Seminar in Pune and then co-leading the first very SUMM in New Delhi – the impact of that school is still unfolding – I know that , as my own life and perspective changed for the better. Thank you for your passion in the way you do this teaching – I know a lot of people out there look for numbers but little do they realize that numbers is not everything – You and Mary have quietly invested in the lives of many around the world. Thank you for doing that in our own lives!

Aldrin Bogi - Co-Leader of School of University Ministries for Student Mobilization Centre

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