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Converge Mentorships

Who will champion Converge interns?

Converge mentorships work because students choose an experienced and trusted leader from their own community to be their Mentor.

Here are six vital elements that make a successful Converge Mentorship:

1. Shared Mission

Make a prayerful decision to walk through this life-changing missional internship together.

2. Defined Commitment

Define when, where, and how many times you will meet. A weekly phone call (or email while on the field) is a minimum commitment. Mentors stay in touch, however they do not travel with students.

3. Productive Connections

In addition to prayer and counsel, Mentors share their network of relationships. The aim is to encourage your community to send the Student with prayers and support.

4. Trusting Relationship

Trust is a requirement to make a mentorship work. So the Student chooses their Mentor from their own community. Students should not overuse that trust.

5. Empowering Opportunity

Mentors pray for and with their Student. The relationship should be a mutual encouragement.

6. Review & Renew

To continually improve Converge, we send Mentors and Students a questionnaire to evaluate the mentorship experience and the internship program. 

Who can Mentor?

Because Students choose their own, we do not register Mentors. But that does not mean you cannot be a Mentor with Converge.

You could start by being a Mentor to Students in your church community. You could advise your Student Mentee to consider a Converge Internship. They will likely choose you based on your trusting relationship.


What if your Student does not choose you?

Even if your Student does not choose you as their Converge Mentor, you can still pray and advocate for them as they raise funds and travel to make a difference. 

Mentorship process


1. First Meeting

This first meeting between Students and Mentors is crucial. It takes place about 60-days before the Student departs for the field location. The First Mentor Meeting is the first assignment of the first phase of the Converge Course. This is when the commitment and the rhythm of meetings are defined. Clear communication is very important. 

2. Online Training

Students create intentional time with God while learning from missional leaders on a variety of topics that will stretch, grow, and equip them to succeed. Mentors provide personal encouragement to follow-through and apply the teachings.

3. Preparing to Go

Mentors guide Students through the preparation stage, advocating for them as they raise needed funds and make travel arrangements.

4. Cross-Cultural Adjustment

Converge is offered to students all over the world. Mentors help students navigate change and gain insights while they serve in a culture different from their own.

5. Vision for Project

Mentors advise Students as they assess the needs on the field and prepare to propose their Final Project assignment.

6. Celebrate & Evaluate

Mentors celebrate milestones together, especially the Final Project. And Mentors meet for the final time to evaluate the entire Converge internship experience.



Converge is a YWAM initiative offering students an opportunity to make a unique contribution based on their skill set and individual calling. It combines YWAM values and international network with online training, a personal mentorship, and practical service in a global community.



‘”I’m impressed by my mentor’s faith in prayer. She believes what we pray in his will – will happen. Often when I hear her praying I realize how specific she prays and that she asks for what I really wish – what I really long for from God. Further she uses Bible verses to underline her prayer – this is something I’d like to learn more.”  – Peacemaking intern to Lebanon

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