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Pray for “Waters” to Rise in South Jersey

South Jersey is a beautiful place to live and work. We are entering the summer holiday season when thousands come to enjoy the Jersey Shore attractions and beaches. Sadly, many of our current residents and most of our visitors are unaware that Ocean City was...

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Making a Difference on Short Term Outreaches

Making a Difference on Short Term Outreaches John Henry, Director Okay. So you wanted to make a difference on outreach. You wanted to change lives for the better and you wanted Jesus to be proclaimed in the community he sent you. If you’re one of the over two million...

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Helpful Tips to Join a Missions Team

Recently, I had a conversation with a former YWAMer who senses God calling her to return to serve full-time with YWAM. Someone gave her a personal prophetic word, which created some confusion for her. Because she knows I have been a faith missionary for 32 years, she asked for advice. With her permission, I’m passing along notes from that conversation, which may be helpful for anyone seeking to serve in missions…

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