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PO Box 1526, Ocean City, NJ 08226 USA • Make checks payable to “YWAM.” Thank you!

YOUR gifts should reach their Destination 

Make it Count

Choose a Converge program sponsorship project to direct your donations to make a personal impact. Or make a general donation. Every dollar goes to help students learn how to make a difference in Jesus Name. All donations to YWAM Converge are tax-deductible. Thank you!

Adopt a University

Reach students in a university community you care about. Help them learn to make a difference for Jesus Christ. When you adopt a university, we will run ads in the campus newspaper, on the radio, and in a series of targeted social media posts, and maybe even visit the campus to speak at one or more campus fellowship groups. 

Sponsor Converge Stories Podcast Episodes

Reach thousands of people around the world who want to learn to make a difference in their world. The podcast is a weekly conversation with missional leaders and former interns serving Jesus all over the planet.

You could set a recurring gift to fuel this ministry with one of these smaller strategic sponsorships below. Thank you in advance!

Sponsor Ministry Projects

Coffee with a Student or Missional Leader $5.00
Fuel and Tolls to Teach $50.00
Host a Missionary $100.00
Flight for Meetings in USA $400.00
Lunch Meeting with a Student or Missional Leader $35.00

Thank you for your sponsorship

of the ministries of

YWAM Converge

missionaries and projects!

Converge is part of the

Student Mobilization Centre

of the

University of the Nations.


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