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At Converge, we believe everyone has a calling; following the crowd will not bring transformation, but a personalized missional internship is the best way to discover your purpose. 

Converge is where you can search for an ideal internship opportunity based on your spiritual journey, your personal interests and your professional skills

Converge help students make a difference on missional internships.

Converge internships are applied missional learning experiences.

Converge interns have created curricula for schools; planted churches; started businesses; worked in medical & dental clinics in slums; set up pharmacies for community health development teams ; researched childhood disabilities in tribal areas; cared for refugees in the Middle East; conducted HIV/AIDS prevention campaign in Africa; established HIV/AIDS counseling center; installed water pumps and storage tanks; established therapy routines in orphanages; conducted forgiveness education workshops for making peace in the Middle East; developed nutritional plans in hospices, and more…

Could you take your college education to the next level?

Join a Converge internship—gain relevant, global experience while strengthening your intercultural communication skills, build confidence and adaptability, and maybe even become more proficient in a second language.

-a YWAM Student Mobilization Centre initiative-

Find Your Mission


Discover people who share your passion and the opportunity to create a distinct passion project.


Be a part of changing the lives of others in a different community by serving with a YWAM-sponsored missional organization.


Choose a mentor from your own network of relationships. Your mentor can pray with you, coach you, and champion your gifts and talents to push you past your comfort zone.

Face-to-Face Engagement

Serving Leadership

Take ownership of tasks within your internship and gain confidence in your leadership.

Spiritual Growth

Pause, remove distractions, and grow closer to God as you deny yourself familiar comforts and engage in a time of spiritual growth toward your calling.

Face to Face

Make personal connection and perform interviews with missional leaders and people you are serving in your area of passion.  

Spiritual Formation

Online Teachings

Learn from the leaders and staff members of YWAM Converge on a variety of topics that will stretch, grow, and equip you to succeed.

Biblical Studies

Create intentional time with God in the midst of a busy schedule by participating in Converge Course Bible Studies.

Cultural Sensitivity

Learn to listen, pay attention, ask open-ended questions, and engage in problem solving with people of a different culture.

Glenis Acosta, teaching intern to Albania, 2016

Listen to the Converge Stories Podcast for more…

Converge is a missions mobilization platform

Converge is a YWAM initiative supported by the Student Mobilization Centre of the University of the Nations, a ministry of Youth With A Mission. The Converge platform is a global missions mobilization placement program for anyone. You do not need to join Youth With A Mission to participate on a Converge internship.


Made with world-changers in mind

Converge is for students and emerging leaders actively searching for an internship or volunteer service assignment. It is an online platform where students can apply for international and community service, and receive theological training, fundraising support, and mentorship to prepare them to make the most of their experience. It provides the student volunteer freedom to choose HOW to serve a project based on skill-set and individual calling. Converge supports the student and host through the entire experience.


Unlike any other international missions trip site, Converge is:

• A comprehensive list of high-impact internships hosted by YWAM endorsed organizations. (And it’s free to host organizations.)
• An online course that provides a solid theological foundation for cross-cultural ministry and community service broken into easily consumable 2 to 6-minute video segments. (Accepted students pay only $25USD to enroll in course.)
• A public facing Student Profile campaign page for students to recruit ministry partners, communicate their needs and ultimately meet their fundraising goals through a free social donor management system. (Host organizations also receive public page and dashboard to manage interns.)
• A mentorship requirement that directs students to find a caring coach that can guide and advocate for them through the preparation stage, raise needed funds, develop a vision for serving, and celebrate milestones together.

• A YWAM initiative offering students an opportunity to make a unique contribution based on their skill set and individual calling. It combines YWAM values and international network with online training and practical service in a global community.


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