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Hello! My name is Glenis Acosta, I’m twenty-one years old and I’m from Colombia. I completed the Discipleship Training School in Ocean City in July. Now I am volunteering with YWAM as the first Converge student. I am in Albania on an internship with Converge. Before coming to Albania I was enrolled in the Converge Course online and I began the first phase of training, Orientation, which includes ten pre-departure lessons with short videos.

I have discovered that the Converge Course is not just a preparation for internships or outreaches, it has really given me a new way of thinking. I have experience with campus ministry in Colombia, so I was familiar with some of the concepts. However, several of the topics have opened my eyes and changed my perspective.

I have learned that PASSION is being joyful through suffering, that JUSTICE is giving God His place, that PRAYER is the first step to action, that POVERTY is a lack of identity and purpose, and that CALLING is an adventure with Jesus.

Those were ideas and topics that simply changed the way that I’m approaching the people in the community here in Albania. This new understanding will surely change the way I relate with people for the rest of my life. nWhen I arrived, I began another phase of the Converge Course, Enculturation. I began taking time for interviews with the people here. This has helped me to get a better understanding of the community, to see the system of beliefs behind the culture practices. This Converge experience has helped me to appreciate the community where I am serving, giving me the chance to be part of their story. I’m excited to begin the next phase, my unique final project.

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