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Thanks for your interest in YWAM Converge in Ocean City!  We are a small YWAM ministry with a global vision for university student mobilization through the Converge internships platform.  We are pioneering, which means we are experiencing the joys (and sometimes pains) of small beginnings.


YOU might be the right person for this team. Do you want to find out?  There are some very important requirements to join the team:

The first requirement is to answer the call from Jesus. His call is all that matters. He calls us to follow him. It is a sacrifice, but there’s joy in the journey and even greater joy ahead.

  • No matter where you serve, do you know you are called?

The second requirement is a big one. Those who are called have given up their rights to comforts, possessions, and their own opinions in order to love others. Those who are called are committed to reconciliation, restoring relationships with God, with families and communities, with creation, and with themselves. Our unique ministry strategy is to help a new generation of missionaries who will be witnesses for Christ in their sphere of influence.

  • No matter what you do, are your comforts, possessions, or opinions limiting the joy of relationships?

Third, candidates are required to:

  • Satisfactorily complete the Discipleship Training School with a recommendation from DTS leader.
  • Complete at least one year of college or vocational training.
  • Commitment to reach a minimally agreed upon financial support level before joining the team. (Personal fundraising may be concurrent with the DTS and/or the Converge Staff-in-Training Course.)
  • No matter how much want to serve with YWAM, be sure this is the YWAM team God has called you to join. 

Converge Staff-in-Training Course

Qualified candidates for the YWAM Converge staff team will successfully complete the Converge Staff-in-Training Course, which includes the following:

1. Completion of a Unique Converge Internship Project:

We built Converge as a YWAM Initiative. Converge is an exciting new platform designed to make missions mobilization more open and connected. After years of development, that platform is available at

Because Converge is a core program of this ministry, every YWAM Converge team candidate will do a unique Converge internship project to be completed before getting invited to join the team. Staff-in-Training may complete their Converge internship anywhere, including here in South Jersey, depending on their individual situation.

Converge internships are for anyone actively searching for an applied missional learning experience. Converge is also for YWAM and Friends of YWAM seeking people with specialized skills and interests. And it’s also a great staff recruiting and training tool. That’s why we are using it. And that’s why we want every YWAM Converge team member to know all about Converge before they join the staff team.

Converge interns receive inspirational YWAM training messages and a fundraising profile page. All Converge interns propose and design a final project according to their skills and interests. And all Converge interns are required to choose a mentor, someone who knows them well and someone from their own home community. The Converge Mentor will coach, pray, and encourage interns to make the most of their experience.

So if you are interested in joining us and you meet the qualifications listed above, give us a call.  

2. Meet regularly with YWAM Ocean City Directors, John &/or Mary Henry

This ministry is founded on the scripture from 2 Peter 1, which is also the foundation for YWAM’s University of the Nations.  Therefore every staff candidate will meet with John and/or Mary Henry a minimum of 4 hours/week for the first 90 days after arrival in South Jersey. If the Converge internship is being completed remotely, these meetings will also be conducted remotely on a web-conference. We will have formal and informal Bible Studies, learning activities, and lively discussion on the following topics from 2 Peter 1: 

  1. Faith/Life in Christ – We listen closely to God and obey fully all he says to do. We are resourceful, which means we quickly turn to God and faithfully search for ways to accomplish our assignments.
  2. Virtue/Character of God –  Our ministry flows out of being vulnerable, humble, and holy in intimate friendship with God. We choose what reflects God’s character.
  3. Knowledge/Worldview – We grow in the knowledge of God’s works and his ways. We are teachable learners.
  4. Self-Control/Integrity – Our words match our actions. We are credible. We have a healthy confidence in our abilities or lack thereof and we work to develop the skills we need. We choose to act according to what is right. We commit to work together on shared goals.
  5. Perseverance/Patience – We choose the long obedience in the same direction. We have grit. We sail through difficulties because we embrace the fire that refines us.
  6. Godliness/Devotion to God – We stand before the audience of One and we will not turn back. We are flexible, able to adapt even through intense times of change.
  7. Brotherly-Kindness/Love of Neighbor. We share God’s grace with the righteous and the unrighteous alike. We choose right relationships over personal or religious differences. We are being equipped as ambassadors of reconciliation.
  8. Love/Aroma of Christ – We seek the enduring testimony of God’s love for the glory of God.

3. Fundraising and Supplemental “Tent-Making” Personal Income.

Because this is a faith ministry committed to relationship-based support, all YWAM staff candidates are required to raise funds to meet a minimum personal budget before being accepted on the YWAM Converge staff team. That support may also be supplemented by a part-time job, however, full-time staff must commit at least 30 hours/week to YWAM. And because we are a pioneer YWAM location, we do not yet have housing facilities. Therefore every candidate must have sufficient funds for food, local transportation, medical insurance, and leased or purchased housing by the end of their 90-day Staff-in-Training course. All staff applicants will be provided a budget template upon acceptance to the Staff-in-Training Course. 

4. Invitation to join the Converge Team.

All YWAM Converge staff will be evaluated by John & Mary Henry at the end of the 90-day  Staff-in-Training course. Those who receive a positive evaluation will be invited on staff full-time. Be encouraged! You will grow as a member of the YWAM Converge Team! Every team member will meet with the directors every quarter to review goals and progress, with prayerful consideration about where God is leading you next. After all, once we grow, God typically calls us to “Go!” 


We seek staff for various support roles, including:

  • Training staff
  • Bookkeeping
  • Web design and Software development
  • Communications – Writers, Audio specialists and Videographers
  • Converge Host and Student Support

And more…!  Want to apply now? Please reach out on the contact form below.

We welcome volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers to help lead worship, coordinate local outreaches, and discipleship programs.  Find out more by filling out the form below.

Contact us to find out more about staff and volunteer opportunities.

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