We rarely get a promise from God and turn to find it there, staring back at us. The road that we walk requires something different than instant gratification; that we do not lose heart. The cry from the heart of the Father is that we fix our eyes on Jesus. In this we see His goodness, the history of our own story and the stories of others who have overcome, and loving discipline of a God who knows our end from our beginning.

The truth is, suffering is real and will come. Disappointment, failure, grief and loss of hope may seem like major setbacks when they happen. We find ourselves wondering what could ever put us right again. In reality, if we hold onto the faith that we proclaim, they work in us wisdom, peace and unrelenting trust in God who always keeps His word.

I find myself drawn to the faith of the Roman centurion in Matthew 8. Jesus offers to come to his house and heal his servant. He refuses. (I probably wouldn’t have) ‘Lord, just say the word, and my servant will be healed.’ This is incredible understanding of a word given with authority. The centurion knew, as a soldier, that an order given was as good as done. No need to come. Just speak.

I pray you will hear, as I have, the whisper of the Holy Spirit say ‘I will come.’ So that we do not lose heart. So that we lift our eyes above our circumstances. So that we carry on as if the One who spoke to us also spoke and the world began. Because this world is full of people who need hope and healing.

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