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Ryan Dutra – Upswing Strategies

Ryan filmed all 50 of the videos for our Converge Course pre-departure lessons, which every intern completes before traveling to serve a missional organization somewhere in the world. After that, Ryan served for several years at YWAM Salem, OR where he developed some of the tools to start a consulting agency called Upswing Strategies, helping organizations create a clear plan for growth and reach more people who will invest in their mission.

YWAM Converge Values

Every YWAM Converge participant will engage these values through formal and informal Bible studies, learning activities, and discussions around the following topics from 2 Peter 1…

Gather, Grow, and Go!

We are a small YWAM ministry with a global vision for university student mobilization through the Converge internships platform. We are pioneering, which means we are experiencing the joys (and sometimes pains) of small beginnings.

Go Barefoot

Why wear shoes? I love to go barefoot. I love sand between my toes. But going shoeless is not just for the pleasures of the beach.

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