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Character, God, and the UN – Dom Dixon in India

I first met Dom in Delhi in 2004 in our School of University Ministries. Then I met him again the summer of 2016 when I was in Bangalore, India with a Discipleship Training School outreach team. Dom was heading to Geneva, Switzerland for a special new work with the United Nations. Dom shares with us a perspective about character and God as governor.

Catalyzing Cooperation through Identity – Akpene Torku

Akpene worked with Campus Renewal Ministries for several years. CRM helps catalyze united movements for Christ. Akpene tells of her work bringing campus-wide unity to student organizations in Houston, New York, Atlanta, and more. Then she tells of her “converge moment” when she realized God was calling her on to a new venture.


How does influence grow? John Maxwell writes, “Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.”  We all make bad decisions. But if we refuse to change, those decisions produce bad character. And that bad character influences others around us.

Sean Lambert – Homes of Hope

In May of 1990, a group of twelve YWAM missionaries traveled from Los Angeles to Tijuana to build one house for a needy Mexican family. Sean Lambert tells the story of how YWAM’s Homes of Hope has built over 6000 homes worldwide. 

In November 2018, YWAM Converge and Coastal Christian in Ocean City, NJ built a house from too. This discussion is about ministry to the poor. Find out what you and your group could do. 

Ryan Dutra – Upswing Strategies

Ryan filmed all 50 of the videos for our Converge Course pre-departure lessons, which every intern completes before traveling to serve a missional organization somewhere in the world. After that, Ryan served for several years at YWAM Salem, OR where he developed some of the tools to start a consulting agency called Upswing Strategies, helping organizations create a clear plan for growth and reach more people who will invest in their mission.

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